Jul. 15th, 2009

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My head is throbbing right now--probably from the copious amount of red wine I drank last night, lol!
Last night was SO much fun. First, Milsa--we had filet mignon, chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, sausages, steak, roast beef, and a few other kinds of meats I'm forgetting. And we had second helpings of everything. And sometimes third helpings.
And unlimited mushrooms, rice, and salad, and sauces.
And wine.
Omggggggg. Towards the end of the meal, Mike said breathing was difficult.
I could barely sit up in my chair; had to prop myself up against the wall!
Then we had dessert.
OMG I LOVE MILSA SO MUCH. Wish I could go there more than once a year, but that would be detrimental to my wallet AND waistline. XD

After that we walked to the arcade on Crescent and played a bunch of games while we were tipsy.
Then we walked over to the new shitty Hatters and went to their new terrace out back; I didn't know it was there. Of course it's nowhere near as nice as their previous one, but it's still cozy and Hatters-like. ;) Mike got a pitcher of beer to himself and I got a half-litre of wine to myself.
When we left, we were pretty frakking drunk! lol.
I smoked a few cigarettes, too. :/

We took a taxi home, then enjoyed some South Park on our new digital cable. :D
We didn't end up watching that much TV though 'cause we went to bed soon after....not to sleep, of course. ;)

Anyway, a VERY fun night. Tonight we're going to see the play G is in, I Am I, so that should be cool!

Tomorrow evening is my first day of working at Zoofest, so goodbye social life for the next 10 days, and hello MONEY!


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