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Oh, how I adore this!:

1. A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.
2. A question mark walks into a bar?
3. Two "quotation marks" walk into a bar.
4. The bar was walked into by a passive verb.
5. Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They drink. They leave.
6. A spell checker want into a bar and preceeded to get waisted.
7. A worn out simile went into a bar, had a shot and a Red Bull chaser, and then ran like a bat out of hell.
8. A subordinating conjunction walked into a bar because it was thirsty.
9. A colon walks into a bar for one reason: to drink.
10. A split infinitive decides to boldly walk into a bar.
11. An adverb walks into a bar thirstily.
12. A run on sentence walks into a bar and sits and drinks and leaves and comes back again and has too much to drink and stumbles out of the bar it returns again unable to stop its on going drinking habit which it learned to do the first time it went into the bar to sit down and drink and leave if only for a moment.
13. Being well fried, the Dangling Modifiers enjoyed the pork chops.
14. An ellipsis walks into a bar…
15. A palindrome walks up to a girl in a bar and says, "Madam, I'm Adam."
16. An Oxford comma walks into a bar, drinks, and leaves.
17. A conjunction joined two phrases at a bar, and then he left.

It's been a pretty low-key weekend for me (for the most part), given what time of the month it is. On Thursday, Alex and Dave came over and we drank and listened to a radio show about auto-erotic asphyxiation. Haha! It was fun. Then we watched Voyager.
On Friday, Tali came over and we resumed our Lost nights (or sometimes Lost DAYS, like in this case!). Later in the evening after Tali left, Alex came over again, and he and Mike did arts & crafts while I played Nintendo, lol
Saturday...yesterday...not much! I watched a lot of SNL though. I found online an old, GREAT episode from 1994, and was eager to watch it to see if SNL really was better back then or if I was remembering it overfondly due to nostalgia. As it turns out, my memory served correctly--the show was sooo different and actually rather clever compared to the shit that SNL has become nowadays. Some of the skits were crap, as has always been the case since back to the 70s, but the ones that were good were much better than a lot of the skits from today.
Later in the evening we watched the new episode, and the quality was so much lower compared to the '94 episode. It had its moments. I really like the skit about the quirky show with Zooey Deschanel; their impressions were pretty good, I thought, ESPECIALLY Kirsten Wigg's impression of Drew Barrymore. The voice was spot-on!

Not sure what I'm doing today. Hopefully watching lots of Doctor Who will be involved in the plans, because I sooo want to know what happens next (every episode seems to end on a cliff-hanger at this point), I REALLY want to be caught up completely (we're sooo close to getting there!), and it would be awesome to be caught up completely before we leave for our trip, although I really don't think that's going to happen.

THE TRIP! It's happening so soon. We're leaving Wednesday morning. I absolutely sooo cannot wait. I am so excited I barely know what to do with myself! XD
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I only go to the cinema a couple of times per year so I tend not to notice how high the prices are getting. Yesterday Mike and I went to a matinee. My matinee ticket plus a SMALL bag of popcorn came to...wait for it...TWENTY DOLLARS. Twenty fucking dollars. The movie (Mirror, Mirror) was terrible and the popcorn made me feel bloated. What a nice waste of $20! We chose Mirror, Mirror because it looked like a fun movie and some people Mike know are in it. But the movie was awful! And I really mean that. It wasn't a case of "oh, not my kind of movie" or anything like that. I mean it was actually, unobjectively a really badly made movie. If anyone reading these words right now has seen this movie and liked it, you'll have to explain to me why because I just...I can't understand why or how anyone could enjoy this thing. It was very pretty, I guess? And Julia Roberts is awesome. But there's absolutely nothing else good about it. Parts of the plot didn't make any sense, it was super clicheed and followed the perfect Hollywood formula when it CLEARLY didn't have to because it *did* have some good ideas that they didn't bother to use. Worst of all, Snow White (aka the MAIN CHARACTER) was played by the worst actress I have seen in a long, long, long time. I have NO idea how this chick got the part, but she is atrocious. If I saw her in a high school play I'd be annoyed and distracted by how terrible she was, but in a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE? Are you fucking kidding me?! Everyone says Kristen Stewart is a terrible actor (I've never seen Twilight so I don't know) but there is absolutely no way in hell she's worse than this girl. When the next Snow White movie comes out I guess I can see it with the comforting thought that no matter how bad it is, it can't possibly be worse than Mirror, Mirror.

Oh yeah, and the movie ends with a Bollywood moment. I'm not kidding. It ends, and then all of the sudden the characters start dancing around with Snow White (who in addition to not being able to act, also can't dance) while she sings a very Bollywood style of song. It makes about as much sense as it sounds.
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Does anyone know of a way to attach my PC's printer to my laptop?

Heading over to University street to print up single sheets of paper for a DOLLAR each and every time I need to print something is becoming tiresome, inconvenient (and expensive)!

ETA: Before anyone asks: I tried plugging it in directly but it won't let me print. It says I need the software CD, which is looooong gone (my printer is like, 4-5 years old!) There must be a way of doing this without the CD, right?
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Oh yeah, now I remember! My weekend was awesome. Tea, pie & karaoke on Friday, Steph's party on Saturday, and helping out selling raffle tickets at the Poker Night fundraiser on Sunday. Damn good times, oh yes! ^_^

A bunch of other random thoughts & stuff:

-Tristan's coming over tonight to discuss the wedding with us. (We want him as our MC.) It's going to be a laaate supper as he won't be here til 9-ish. Mike's making ribs though. YUM!

-Game of Thrones season premiere was...meeehhh, it was OK. I really don't love that show as much as everyone else does. I'm not sure why. It's a well-made show and it has some crazy-ass storylines. I just always find my mind wandering while I'm watching. And everyone fucking looks the same. I can't keep track of all the godsdamn characters!

-Family Guy this week. SO. FUNNY. Omg! I had just about given up on that show (just watch it for the odd joke) but holy crap was I ever pleasantly surprised this week. :D

-Left Doctor Who on such a cliff-hanger. Can't wait to see what happens next!

-I know I already mentioned this in my last entry, but WICKED!!! It can't be mentioned enough times!


Apr. 3rd, 2012 09:46 am
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It's been a rough past few days. I've been very sick: I seem to have a throat infection/chest cold of some sort (I don't even know) which has gotten worse and hasn't allowed me to sleep at all (not that I ever get much sleep lately anyway). I've slept about 5 hours in the past 2 days and I feel positively awful. The good thing is, I was able to make an appointment with my (newly-found!) GP tomorrow morning. :) I only saw him last month...good timing, because the thought of going to a walk-in clinic right now is unfathomable. Also, I am so glad and SO GRATEFUL I am sick *now* and not next week, seeing as I'll be leaving for the Dominican in exactly 1 week + 1 day. :)
On the not-so-cool side of things, I'm also getting my period right now. Cramps + cold + noooo sleep? Yeah, I don't think I even need to describe how wonderful THIS feels! :/

Also: yesterday I got my results from the Cefranc. And I failed. I am so glad. I am so glad I spent all those hours and hours studying for it. And $65. And going all the way out to Anjou for know what, I better not talk about it anymore or I will absolutely positively lose my mind. Anyone who saw my heavily expletive-laden rant on Facebook yesterday (which looks more like a Tourette's attack) probably has a bit of an idea of how angry I am about this whole thing. Not to mention, said expletive-laden rant was the nice, calm, rational version of what I really wanted to say. :D

But the good? Oh, there's plenty good. Like finally purchasing season 9 of Seinfeld (for $15 at Future Shop, who the hell woulda thunk?!?!) so that I now own the entire series, from beginning to end. :D Or even better...BUYING TICKETS FOR WICKED!!! Yup, I'll be going with Mike, Steph, and Tali on the night of August 10th. ROW C, BITCHES!!! How amazing is that?! Tickets were $160 a pop but worth EVERY damn penny. And that's an understatement. <3

There's more but I'm way too fucking out of it to remember what it was.
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I feel kinda gross right now...sore throat (though all the coffee I've been drinking has been helping that a LOT) and kinda sore, but: I DON'T CARE. Because tonight is pie and KTV with Mike, Marie, Steph, and Gladys! YAY-HAY-HAAYYYYY! It's going to be MUCH fun, I know it. To play it safe, I'll avoid booze tonight and stick to the coffee drinks. Shall tonight be the night I finally try KTV's (in)famous crackaccino? (So named by Steph! lol) Well, we'll see! I've been wanting to try this for awhile now. And seeing as I've already started my day with several coffees (and I'm about to have MORE!), and no breakfast (yikes, gotta fix that!), why not? Also, coffee drinks go good with pie. Oh yes, piiiiieeeee! Here's hoping the cafe we're going to has at least one pie that doesn't have traces of nuts. I've been avoiding pasteries in general because my allergies seem to have gotten worse, which is fucking scary considering it's a potentially fatal allergy...I hope their pies are OK! I can't recall the last time I've eaten pie, and spending the night in the ER does NOT sound very pleasing to me at all, grrrrs...given how common nut (and peanut) allergies are these days, I am absolutely baffled as to why more restaurants/cafes/etc. don't take more lengths in avoiding using them. More places should have nut-free options. It's not difficult, people. It's a matter of life or death! Gahhh.

Tomorrow night is Steph's birthday AND birthday party, so YAYYYY!! Can't wait for that. THAT's when the booze shall start to flow, whether I'm sick or not, lol

Then Sunday I'm volunteering at Bain St-Michel (where Mike usually works) as they're having a poker night. (Oh weird, as I'm writing this, Lady Gaga's Poker Face is playing! lol) Mike, Tali and I are all going to volunteer as bartenders. We get to dress up in black & white, it's gonna be awesome! :)
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Nothing to see here...just felt like posting this because I love Doctor Who so fracking much. <3

Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor. Amy Pond is ONE of my favourite companions, but I love Rory just as much, and River Song is more awesome than both of them, but sadly they're not in this picture. Ah wells! Love it anyway! :)
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Oh gods Doctor Who, WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD?!?!??!?!?!?

I'm at the episode just before the season 5 finale, for those who are wondering. ;) Very cozy...I woke up and watched Doctor Who in my PJ's with the love of my life, while looking forward to our newly-purchased trip at the back of my mind. ^.^ YayyyyyNESS! Good times indeed! Now, we're going on a much-neeed trip to Ikea, and when we get back, we'll watch the season 5 finale. :)
Later tonight, we're going to Comedyworks to watch auditions for an improv troupe. Tali's going to audition, so we'll be there to cheer her on.

So many awesome things to do today! YAAAAAYYYY! <--I can't stop saying 'yay', but I guess that's a good thing. ;)


Mar. 27th, 2012 05:06 pm
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Mike and I are thinking of going to Cuba. Or, somewhere in the Carribean. I know a LOT of people I know have been to Cuba, so! Where did you go? What was your experience like? Would you recommend it? I reaaallllyyyy wanna feel like a posh princess: I absolutely do not want one of those 'rough it' trips. Sometimes I'm in the mood for those, sometimes I'm not. This is one of those cases where I absolutely just wanna relax, chill in the pool, drink like a fish, and be pampered. Is Cuba wrong for that? Are we better off going to Mexico?

I was also thinking Dominican Republic, or even Panama! I am dying to go to Panama, but apparently it takes a REALLY long time to get to, and the particular resort I want is really far from the airport (about 2 hours), so you spend an entire day traveling there and an entire day traveling back home. Ick.

Costa Rica is unfortunately out of our budget, and we've already been to Jamaica, and I think that pretty much covers all the resort places in the Carribean (not counting, of course, the SUPER expensive places I don't think I'll EVER see in this lifetime, such as Turks & Caicos, Saint Lucia, US Virgin Islands, etc.) We have to go to an all-inclusive as we are both super low on cash. We were originally gonna go to Europe, but as cheap as it is right now, we can't even afford that, so all-inclusives it is, which of course limits us to the Carribean.

Anyway, *tl;dr version*: any suggestions for all-inclusivies in the Carribean, particularly Cuba or Mexico?

Gracias! ;)

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What a fun night! And now I can finally say I've been to (and eaten in) Little Italy. Loved it! What good fun and fun times. <3

Yesterday was so much fun! Risk with Mike and Brian in the afternoon, and getting drunk and hanging out with Dave and Alex in the evening.
Friday was awesome as well; seeing Leisure Society (for the second time!) with Paul, Steph, Gladys, Brian, and Brian's friend Audrey, and then going out for food and drinks.

Also, I'm soooo glad I don't have to work tomorrow. It's such a weight lifted, I can't even explain it!

This weekend was a lot of fun. :)

O life!

Mar. 24th, 2012 05:27 pm
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SO MUCH has been going on lately. SO MUCH. I don't even know where to begin.
I keep meaning to post about work here, but I never do. Now it's built up to so much of a story...omg. On that subject though, I quit! If I had stuck around for another week, they would have made me sign a contract, which I didn't want. I didn't want to do that for SO. MANY. REASONS! Anyway, I really wasn't having a great time at that school, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I still get EI until the end of June, so yay! I have NO idea what I'll do for the summer, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Maybe I'll work in a cafe for a bit or something. :P Anyway, whatever! I'll figure it out.

The wedding. Ah, the wedding! So much planning. And drama. You can't avoid the drama, but you handle it the best you can. My perspective is that it's OUR wedding (meaning, me and Mike's) and OUR day, and no one else's. Certain family members have expressed dismay at certain apsects of our wedding, or the way we're doing things, to which I have no problem telling them toooooo bad. I've made a few compromises here and there, of course, to be civil, and there's certain things I don't mind changing to keep the peace. But overall, my stand is, if you don't like it, too bad, it's NOT your wedding. :) Teaching high school has changed me a LOT. For the better. I've become so much more assertive! What an important life skill to hone, no? <3
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CEFRANC completed! I think I did good on one part of the exam. As for the other part...I'm not sure. I guess we'll see. Either way, I did it. :D And now it's time to celebrate! And not just because of that, but also because it's ST PATRICK'S DAY! And tomorrow is the parade. :D I have been waiting for this weekend for a very long time now. :) Yaaayyyyy! You better believe I'm wearing all green. Today I'm wearing my green Legend of Zelda T-shirt, green skirt, and green knee stockings. I have another outfit of GREEN to wear tomorrow. I know I'm kinda old for knee socks, but it's St Patrick's, so who cares? Besides, they're green. :P

It's pretty crazy here in the McGill Ghetto today, as you can probably imagine. There are various parties spilling out onto balconies and stairways, and plenty of drunk frat kids wandering the streets (though that seems to have died down at the moment).
Right now I'm waiting for Steph and Gladys to get here, and we're gonna drink, be merry, and head over to McKibbon's or Old Orchard (Plateau versions, of course! lol).

Happy St Patrick's Day, all! xoxoxox
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Home sick with the flu today, yay for not going into work. I have mixed feelings about the job. More about that in a f-locked post though!

Anyway, the major news for me today is I spent the day watching the rest of Sailor Moon. "The rest" as in, the final episodes. I have been meaning to get around to this for YEARS now. (Also, I calculated...I first starting watching the show SEVENTEEN years ago; how the hell is that even possible?!??!) Anyway, I freaked the hell out all over Facebook about the ending. I'm a little bit calmer now, but STILL. After all this time...ahhhhhhh! I can't believe I saw the end. And what an ending it was! THIS is a proper ending to a long-running series (hear that, writers of Lost and BSG? lol), with absolutely everything wrapped up amazingly and wonderfully and OMG, what a show! I love the characters all so much, I don't have the words...

Anyway, the ending made me feel sad and happy at the same time. At least when Lost and BSG finished, I was with a bunch of other people. I was alone with Sailor Moon! Hence the FB freakout, lol. At least I'm a bit calmer now. But sweating and dizzy, because yay flu. And speaking of the flu, OMG the dreams I had last night/this morning. OMFG. Fevers make your brain come up with the CRAZIEST SHIT EVER. I gotta write it down cuz, ahhhhhh! What the hell was that awful nightmare-ish adventure I took in my head whilst sleeping, I don't even....
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Yup, this week has definitely been full of ups and downs, goods and bads. I've been feeling like shit because my body is getting all pissy-bitch on me. I won't even get into that now, but amongst other things, my period is now 5 days late (and no, I'm NOT pregnant). Nonetheless, I've been in pain and feel like I have it anyway. I won't even get into everything that's wrong with that, but yeah, I'm sure most of that it pretty obvious.

Some random idiot grabbed my ass in broad daylight whilst I was walking around Old Montreal yesterday. He rubbed up against me and then hurried away. I was stunned and not sure how to react. I ended up following him and his girlfriend for about 5 blocks or so, taking photos with my phone. I plan on uploading them to Facebook to shame this perverted fucker. That's about the extent of my ability to do anything, I guess.
Oh, and that incident lead to a whole mess of OCD afterward. Yeah, how fantastic is that?
I hope that prick gets really sick in public or something like that. Grrr.

I went wedding dress shopping, finally. And I got one. :) It's very Grecian, which makes sense since I'm Greek, and I don't have anything else at the wedding that'll illustrate my ~AWESOME GREEKNESS~ (lol what does that even mean), except there's gonna be some Greek songs and Greek dancing but yeah other than that....anyway, my dress should be coming in around August or so (cutting it fucking close over here!) and when I go in to get it/try it on/make alterations for weight that better have been lost by then, the awesome people who work at the store will be letting me try on their tiaras and then I'll buy one to match my dress. :)

Mike and I ordered our wedding bands today. <3 <3 <3

If one more person tells me I should watch this fucking KONY 2012 video and/or dares to calls themselves an activist for watching a fracking video and passing it on, I am going to (fantasize about how much I wish I could) punch them in the face.

[ profile] shadaloo will be over in a couple of hours and we're going to watch DVDs and drink. Drink drink drink. I need to drink away the cramps of a period that doesn't exist, mwahaha. In fact, I already started drinking. Have a glass of wine right here. YAY!

As per usual, there's so much more, but I'm too damn lazy to be bothered to type it all out.
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This post is dedicated to [ profile] silentauror. ;) xoxox

Oh Quebec City, how I love you and the way your city is all in layers...

Too bad that photo doesn't do the old QC any justice. No depth whatsoever in this pic. Oh well, more here! )
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So! A couple of weeks ago I turned 31 and this happened.

Isn't it amazing? Well, if you don't watch Family Guy then you probably don't understand how it's amazing, but trust me, it's amazing. :3 It was made by the uber magnificent [ profile] phoenixblur!


Ooh, nice!

Mar. 3rd, 2012 06:42 pm
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“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

I don't know where this quotation is from, but I like it! ^_^ It's from C.S. Lewis! Awesome!
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Ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas écrit ici en français, et l'examen diabolique organizé par des gens diaboliques pour des raisons diaboliques s'approche vite (le 17 mars!), alors il faut que je me mettre à l'ouvrage! :P

L'examen est composé de plusieurs parties; une partie exige que j'écris une lettre. Donc je pratiquerai ici; pour la rendre plus amusant pour moi-même, j'écris des lettres aux ceux qui m'ont fait vraiment fâchée dernièrement. ;)
Oui, je connais bien comment j'avais dit plusieurs fois comment j'hais quand des gens font ça dans leur LJ (ça veut dire, écrire des lettres imaginaires aux ceux qui l'ont fait embêté), mais c'est parfait comme exercices. ;)

Alors, on commence!

(À noter: ce n'est pas une lettre adressé à une seule personne en particulier; s'adresse à plusieurs types des gens en général.)

Icitte! )
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Last night I went to an AMAZING Oscars party like you wouldn't believe. I got home at 12:30 and didn't get to sleep before 1:30 and woke up at six and now I'm fucking exhausted as hell but it was totally worth it! One of the lovely ladies whom Mike works for organized the party at her place (which is sooooo GORGEOUS) with her husband and they invited the whole cast and their significant others. In the living room, they had a projector and gigantic roll-down projection screen (just like in school!) that we watched the awards ceremony on, along with the red carpet pre-show. They fed us crazy awesome cocktails and AMAZING appetizers. Then we ate & ate such amazing food--it was a potluck! Stuff was DELICIOUS! Mike and I brought a crazy salad Mike made that contained 15 ingredients including the dressings. HOLY CRAP SO GOOD. We also bet on who would win, with ballots and pool of money and everything. :) Then their son gave us our own honorary statuettes at the end, it was so cute and awesome. They attached our names to random categories, and what's REALLY super-fitting is that I won for best animated film! XD Hahahahah!
Also, these folks are actors in movies and TV, not just in plays, and during the Oscars I kept hearing comments like "Oh! I KNOW HIM! I worked with him once!", or "Hey, remember he played my husband in that movie!" That was really weird for me and made me kind of uncomfortable in a way I can't quite explain. Intimidated, maybe? I dunno. Something like that. ;)

Anyway, it was the best Oscars party I've EVER been to. Not that I've been to that many, but holy shit does this ever take the cake anyway! And what a way to top off a weekend of low-key craziness (yes, such an oxymoron DOES exist, lol), as I turned 31 (I accidentally just typed 21--HAHA YEAH I WISH) on Thursday and there was much celebrating to be had--and of course, NUIT BLANCHE! But more on that in other entry (I'm always saying that, aren't I?). ^_^
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