Jul. 23rd, 2009


Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:48 am
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Omg. 45 minutes trying to figure out what the hell to wear, sweating under a collared dress all day (er...night, actually, but it feels like day to me), and worst of all, looking forward to going out all day, just to get to Passeport and realize that I really should not have gone out in the first place really sucks. I had started to feel really dizzy on the way there, and by the time I got inside, I was sweating and feverish like crazy and just wanted to lie down. I didn't even finish the drink I bought. Gaaaaaaaah.
Worst of all, now I have to wait till frakking FRIDAY to see the super-lovely [livejournal.com profile] fetternity. That's too long, dammit!

Well, Passeport seems like a REALLY cool place. I'm only into guys, but, I have to say--> there's girls in there who are VERY VERY appealing to the eyes, omg. Now THAT's my kind of style! <3

Anyway, I'm definitely going back there some point when I'm not going through withdrawal of frakking medication.

Yeaaaaah. So anyway. This is a total change of subject, but does anyone remember the scratch-'n-sniff stickers you'd get in school whenever you got 10/10 on your dictée? Or those fuzzy, furry stickers? And how about those albums you'd cover with these stickers? And then at recess you and all your friends would compare sticker albums. Did you guys do that too?
Or it was just me and my friends who did this?

Sorry to go all nostalgic on your ass but I was just thinking about stickers and wanted to talk about them.


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