Feb. 26th, 2009

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I'm just taking a break from working on my portfolio presentation to write that life continues to be GOOD. Very good. I'm so happy that things are GOOD! I had a ball with Tekt last night. We drank wine to celebrate the end of his bachelordom and did a serious Angry Video Game Nerd marathon--we watched like, FOUR hours of it. Oh, it was awesome. I couldn't stop laughing all night long. The best kind of night, no? :)
He also took me shopping on the Wii channel for my birthday! XD I now have Megaman 9, and the original Zelda I & II on Wii. Yup, the old retrotastic 8-bit versions. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!
This has been the best birthday week EVER.

Today is gloomy and wet and grey and I am happy and comfortable and warm inside, doing mah schoolwork. Yesterday, I briefly met my CT for my next internship, which starts March 8th. It was a rather...odd encounter but at least that's done now. And I got to see the school. He teaches grades 1 through 6 so YAY for that. I was sooooo worried about being stuck with only the older grades, and I didn't want that to happen 'cause I NEED to know what it's like with to teach younger grades 'cause it's TOTALLY different from teaching high school. I need to know before I go out into the real world next year and get stuck with them, ya know? Actually, I met some of his students, who were in grade 1. They're so bloody tiny. I only know how to deal with teenagers. I have no frakking clue what to do with actual children. But he'll show me! ^_^

All right, back to working on my presentation. Graduation is coming so SOON. I don't know what to do! I've decided that I'm going to apply for the Master's program (in Psychology) and the JET program at the same time, but I have a very strong and rather justified hunch that I won't be making it into the Master's program. Which is fine, seeing as I could just re-apply the following year, and/or the following year after that, and/or the following year after that...but I know that once I get my ass into JET and go work in Japan, there's little chance in hell I'll be able to talk myself going back to school to get my Masters, and I don't want that to happen.
Siiigh. Little steps. One year at a time, right?!


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