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I feel kinda gross right now...sore throat (though all the coffee I've been drinking has been helping that a LOT) and kinda sore, but: I DON'T CARE. Because tonight is pie and KTV with Mike, Marie, Steph, and Gladys! YAY-HAY-HAAYYYYY! It's going to be MUCH fun, I know it. To play it safe, I'll avoid booze tonight and stick to the coffee drinks. Shall tonight be the night I finally try KTV's (in)famous crackaccino? (So named by Steph! lol) Well, we'll see! I've been wanting to try this for awhile now. And seeing as I've already started my day with several coffees (and I'm about to have MORE!), and no breakfast (yikes, gotta fix that!), why not? Also, coffee drinks go good with pie. Oh yes, piiiiieeeee! Here's hoping the cafe we're going to has at least one pie that doesn't have traces of nuts. I've been avoiding pasteries in general because my allergies seem to have gotten worse, which is fucking scary considering it's a potentially fatal allergy...I hope their pies are OK! I can't recall the last time I've eaten pie, and spending the night in the ER does NOT sound very pleasing to me at all, grrrrs...given how common nut (and peanut) allergies are these days, I am absolutely baffled as to why more restaurants/cafes/etc. don't take more lengths in avoiding using them. More places should have nut-free options. It's not difficult, people. It's a matter of life or death! Gahhh.

Tomorrow night is Steph's birthday AND birthday party, so YAYYYY!! Can't wait for that. THAT's when the booze shall start to flow, whether I'm sick or not, lol

Then Sunday I'm volunteering at Bain St-Michel (where Mike usually works) as they're having a poker night. (Oh weird, as I'm writing this, Lady Gaga's Poker Face is playing! lol) Mike, Tali and I are all going to volunteer as bartenders. We get to dress up in black & white, it's gonna be awesome! :)
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