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I only go to the cinema a couple of times per year so I tend not to notice how high the prices are getting. Yesterday Mike and I went to a matinee. My matinee ticket plus a SMALL bag of popcorn came to...wait for it...TWENTY DOLLARS. Twenty fucking dollars. The movie (Mirror, Mirror) was terrible and the popcorn made me feel bloated. What a nice waste of $20! We chose Mirror, Mirror because it looked like a fun movie and some people Mike know are in it. But the movie was awful! And I really mean that. It wasn't a case of "oh, not my kind of movie" or anything like that. I mean it was actually, unobjectively a really badly made movie. If anyone reading these words right now has seen this movie and liked it, you'll have to explain to me why because I just...I can't understand why or how anyone could enjoy this thing. It was very pretty, I guess? And Julia Roberts is awesome. But there's absolutely nothing else good about it. Parts of the plot didn't make any sense, it was super clicheed and followed the perfect Hollywood formula when it CLEARLY didn't have to because it *did* have some good ideas that they didn't bother to use. Worst of all, Snow White (aka the MAIN CHARACTER) was played by the worst actress I have seen in a long, long, long time. I have NO idea how this chick got the part, but she is atrocious. If I saw her in a high school play I'd be annoyed and distracted by how terrible she was, but in a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE? Are you fucking kidding me?! Everyone says Kristen Stewart is a terrible actor (I've never seen Twilight so I don't know) but there is absolutely no way in hell she's worse than this girl. When the next Snow White movie comes out I guess I can see it with the comforting thought that no matter how bad it is, it can't possibly be worse than Mirror, Mirror.

Oh yeah, and the movie ends with a Bollywood moment. I'm not kidding. It ends, and then all of the sudden the characters start dancing around with Snow White (who in addition to not being able to act, also can't dance) while she sings a very Bollywood style of song. It makes about as much sense as it sounds.
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