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So! A couple of weeks ago I turned 31 and this happened.

Isn't it amazing? Well, if you don't watch Family Guy then you probably don't understand how it's amazing, but trust me, it's amazing. :3 It was made by the uber magnificent [ profile] phoenixblur!

Yeah seriously, how am I 31 already?! Since when did I become OLD?! (I guess last year, turning 30 is kind of the official OLD age, ain't it?! HA!) When you're 20 you think you'll be mature and FEEL like you're 31 by the time you're 31, but what you don't realize is that you still feel 20! To quote the AWESOME song 30/90 from Tick, Tick, Boom (RIP, Jonathan Larson! ;_;), "why can't you stay 29, hell you still feel like you're 22!" <3 OK, so that's about turning 30, not 31, but it's the same idea.

ANYWAY! So here's the inside of Steph's awesome card:

My actual birthday fell on a Thursday, and Mike took me out to dinner at this amazing Chinese restaurant that we love that's actually across the street from us, but we don't go to often as it's rather expensive-ish.

On Friday, I got together with a bunch of friends at Foonzo, which is my new favourite place in Montreal. I've only been there once before, very recently and very briefly--Mike and I shared a pitcher of beer and then left, but I knew right away that I wanted to come back asap and that it would be a PERFECT place to celebrate my birthday, as it's a GAME-THEMED CAFE. As in, both board games AND video games. :) There's a table full of board games that you can play with all night long, and instead of tables & chairs you get sofas and coffee tables.


At each set of couches there's a TV set to Space so you can watch sci-fi while you geek out and play board games on your coffee table, and you can also borrow various video games consoles to play at your table. Old-school stuff AND modern stuff. We had an X-Box at one of our tables, and a Sega Genesis at the other. :)
Also, in the back of the cafe, there's plenty of pinball machines and arcade games.
There's also an aquarium of turtles! <3 OMG! They are so cute! It's like this entire place was put together with ME in mind, lol.
Also, the decor--a 'scene' of Mega Man 2 (Airman's stage, to be precise) is illustrated on the ducts, along with a Tardis and an alien from Aliens. :)
Oh, and it's a cafe, so you can have coffee, yummy bubble tea, and cake, but it's ALSO 18+ because you can also get beer. :) They also have food! Good food, too. ^.^

Me and Nika. <3

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, but I left early because I was EXHAUSTED from work. I was ONE of the first people to own party! lol. These things happen. What can I say?
Teaching high school takes a lot out of ya! -.-

Mike and Gladys during a game of...War, I think they were playing?

Also, after having no snow for almost 2 months, we had a snow storm that night! but a lot of people braved the storm and showed up anyway. I HAVE SUCH AWESOME FRIENDS! I was totally happy and grateful and flattered that so many people came despite the weather. :) I love my friends. <3

This has gotta be my favourite pic of the night. XD

The next night was Nuit Blanche! That was a short night too--actually one of the shortest nights at Nuit Blanche. I wasn't that tired, but everyone started leaving at around 1 AM and Mike was EXHAUSTED (he works INSANE hours), so I went home with him. I decided to change it up this year and go to different places and hang around a slightly different part of town.

Place des Spectacles! Yup, that's a ferris wheel. No, I didn't go on it. They also had a giant ice slide that had this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge line-up to get on. No thanks. :P

The places we ended up going to didn't turn out to be as cool as the places I've been to other years, but that's the gamble you take when you decide to do something different, eh? ;) Either way, I had fun, a lot of fun, and I wish we could have stayed out longer but what can ya do. One awesome HIGHLIGHT (haha, because it's part of the Montreal HIGHLIGHT Festival, get it?! Oy...) was Nat showing up and giving me a wind-up Tardis! Ahhh! How awesome is that?!

At one place we went to, people were playing Mario on a GIANT screen with a GIANT controller, the size of a table. You can't see it in the photo (I kept trying to get a good shot of it), but it's in the bottom-ish right corner of the pic. Really can't see it, sadly!

That Pac Man poster had video game trivia on it, very cool. =)

Also, we went to the National Library (on St-Denis) where there was some kind of cosplay event going on, and as I was running around holding out my newfound Tardis, I literally almost ran into someone dressed as the Doctor! I said, "HEY! You're suppposed to be in HERE!", waving my Tardis at him, and he stopped and gasped and said, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" (referring to the shrunken Tardis, lol.) He waved his sonic screwdriver at it and posed for a photo! It was so awesome! It really was one of my favourite moments of the whole weekend. I kept telling everyone about it and I'm sure everyone just wanted me to shut up after awhile but I couldn't help it, that little moment amused me SO much! <3

(Sorry for the shit quality; this photo was taken with a phone.)

So yeah, that more or less sums things up. The next day was Sunday and that was the day of the Oscars and that amazing party. ;)

Next, I gotta post the photos from the Quebec City trip!
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