Nov. 12th, 2009

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Holy hell it's been an interesting, hallucinatory, freakish couple of days.
Against everyone's better judgment I decided to try and make it to school on Wednesday anyway because I am AN HERO. They were not too thrilled that I went in with a fever but couldn't find a substitute to replace me. The principal told me I could go home if I wanted and they would just cancel English for the day, it wouldn't have been a big deal...but I told her I could make it through the day. The only reason I said that is because I was feverishly insane and out of my mind at that point.
The entire day was a weird dream. I can't even describe it.
I was "with it" enough to make a plan for the substitute I would arrange for the second I got home though.
I got home and went to sleep at 5 pm, woke up to eat around 9 pm and watched some TV, then went back to sleep until 9 Am today...I've been kind of in and out of things all day long. It's been weird.
I still have a fever and will most likely miss tomorrow too, which is SUCH A FUCKING WASTE because it's a ped day, and all I have to do tomorrow is lesson plan which I have to do anyway, but doing it at a ped day at school is a million times better because a) I'll get paid for it, and b) I have a printer and photocopier at my disposal, which I desperately need and do not have access to here. OH THIS SUCKS. I guess I'll see how I am in the morning. They won't be happy if I go back tomorrow, still sick. Although I won't be around kids and I won't even really be around the rest of the staff even because I'll be alone in my classroom in the lonely basement not bothering anyone.
Still, I don't see how I can possibly wake up at 6 tomorrow morning. Ugh, what a shitty situation.
Also, my antibiotics cost me $45! Fuck! That was my money for this week. I am so broke. I don't get paid for another week and even then I only have 3 weeks left to my contract.
To add insult to injury, I've had to turn down 2 easy, morning-only subbing jobs this week (that's like $200) because of my being sick.
Boo to all of this!
This is such a shitty, shitty, shitty, shitty week.

However, Mike woke me up to catch Dominic Monaghan being interviewed on the Bonnie Hunt show. That was pretty cool. :D


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