Oct. 1st, 2009

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Fucking motherfuck.
The other day I went upstairs to neighbours and asked them oh-so-politely to PLEASE stop wearing their shoes around the apartment because it makes a lot of noise. They told me equally politely no problem, took off their shoes, and I spent the rest of my morning somewhat more sane.
Now they're stomping around in their shoes again. WHAT THE FUCK. And they're big running shoes too. I swear they're doing it on purpose. And if they're not, then that's just retarded.
I don't get it. Do they WANT to piss me off? Do they really?! Because honestly? I don't have to study Japanese and German quietly. My favourite way of studying those languages, actually, is by singing along in those languages. Which they will hear CRYSTAL clear through our paper-thin walls & ceilings. You want that, you fucks? Really, guys? Really?!?!? FINE. Next time I want to study my languages, you're getting a front-row seat. I hope you like hearing Defying Gravity in GERMAN and OFF-KEY sung 4 or 5 times in a row. I know that's a lot, but it really helps me remember some German reflexive verbs.

DIAF fuckers fuckers FUCK I'm in a flu with a headache and I'm in NO MOOD for their idiotic immaturities.
If anyone wants to come over and help me form a choir, let me know.
The worse you sing, the better. >:)

Anyone have crappy neighbour stories to share? I have enough to write a whole book, but whatever.


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