Sep. 14th, 2009

bee_york: (Just For Laughs!)
I spent yesterday at my parents' place in Pierrefonds as my mother had organized a (belated) graduation celebration party for me. SO MANY PEOPLE CAME, omg. There were people from both sides of my family (some of whom I have not seen in ages) and we ate and drank and were merry. I got monetary gifts from everyone, something I was utterly NOT expecting. I also got my first paycheque on Thursday. So instead of having $17 to my name, I now have a little over $1600. It's quite overwhelming and I am beyond grateful and appreciative of it all, but really overwhelmed! I'm too scared to touch any of the money, but tonight I AM going out for dinner and a movie with Mike, gods know how long it's been since we've done that, and I think we've more than earned it.

We also rented the first 2 discs of TRUE BLOOD last night. Finally! We were going to watch 1 episode and go to bed but we ended up watching 3. Neither of us could help it. That show really SUCKS you in from the first 5 minutes. It's just so BLOODY clever and fun and different. The show just really sunk its fangs into me and didn't let go...hahaha OK, enough enough enough. ;P
Seems like it's going to be an awesome show though.


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