Aug. 28th, 2009

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I'm not doing so great with the Effexor withdrawal. Ugh. I really hate this. I hope this goes away. What if it doesn't? What if I really did need to stay on the medication? What if I just go back to being sad all the time?
Why do medications have so many side effects? Sometimes I think that we would have better health care when it came to mental illnesses if it weren't such a stigma in modern society. Come on, it's not the 1950s! How could people still think it's something exaggerated or not even real? I (fortunately) don't know anyone like that (and even if I did, they'd be cut out of my lives so quickly they wouldn't even have a chance to blink), but they exist. I remember an article I read linked from [ profile] obskura's LJ awhile back that utterly shocked me. The article is no more (it was from over a year ago), but a small paragraph from it that she quoted still is:

"Almost half of Canadians believe that a diagnosis of mental illness is merely an 'excuse for poor behaviour and personal failings' and one in 10 thinks that people with mental illness could 'just snap out of it if they wanted,' according to the startling findings of a new opinion poll."

I remember reading this in Japan, where psychology is practically non-existent (hence them having one of the highest suicide rates in the world), and being so shocked and saddened that back home, there were people who felt the same way about mental illness as here in backwards-Japan. I couldn't believe that in MY progressive, liberal country, there are still people who are so ignorant, selfish, and just plain disgusting.
"Just snap out of it" if they wanted to? Yeah, OK. Then everyone with cancer should go snap out of it, too. Just eat healthier, that tumor will disappear!

I know the amount of people who think that way are in the minority. I know I shouldn't care about what these people think, because these people are literal walking pieces of garbage. They're most likely the same people who think homosexuality is a disease. (lol, these people really need a biology lesson!). Maybe the best type of people to compare them to would be holocaust-deniers!
I don't know what else to make of people who think years of absolute agony isn't real. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. I guess these people want to see a deteriorating body or something. Sorry, you uneducated folks, but--a lot of us who have mental illnesses are actually really good at disguising them. It's a lot of work but we manage. What hard work and struggles do YOU put up with in your everyday life with your privileged lifestyle, hmmm?
Anyway, like I said, I shouldn't worry about what such disgusting subhuman fucktards think. But it's...'people' like them that make mental illness such a stigma. That's why a lot of sufferers never go get the help they need, and sometimes it's hard (or expensive as hell) to find. They don't get help, and inevitably, they often die. So all these people who think mental illnesses don't exist are murderers, too.
But of course that doesn't bother them. Of course they would probably think that suicide is selfish. Because living day to day in constant pain from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep for years while other people don't even think that pain is real is an ideal lifestyle. Yeah, how DARE someone want to end their suffering!

I'm very very very very very lucky that I don't have it anywhere near as bad as many other people do. But I want to take care of those people so badly. I want to help them with all my might.

I need to think of a good research project so that I have a fighting chance of getting into psychology. I will do it!

For now, I'm just gonna be glad that I don't have it bad to such a level. I'm going to be positive and hope these low feelings are just my body getting used to the chemical changes from the lack of medication, and that my body will regulate itself soon.
I have too much to look forward to tonight...[ profile] rilms' going-away/birthday party and LAKEMAKER LIVE AT GRUMPYS! (lol sorry for the caps, that's how they always write it on Facebook, ;p)


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