Jun. 14th, 2009

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Holy crap, we were FULL HOUSE last night, sold-out. Mike and I made about five hundred MUCH needed dollars. Of course we have some debt to pay off before we keep any of it, but WOHOO!

NOT so wohoo: the audience didn't like it. o_O That said, it was an old, zombie-ish crowd. They were unusually quiet, even if they didn't like the show. I mean, this is FRINGE. People go to shows and hoot and holler regardless of whatever it is happening in front of them...so that REALLY worried me. But as one of my actors pointed out to me--I already have their money, so TOO BAD. ;P
But seriously, it was a lot of fun anyhow, and hopefully the rest of our crowds will be younger people, which is who the show is aimed at. We're aiming for the 20-something crowd here, not the 50+ crowd who for some reason made up a scary amount of the audience last night. Today we have a matinee so I have no idea what kind of crowd THAT will bring.
Anyhow, we'll see. If the rest of the crowds we get are younger people and THEY don't like it either, then I stand corrected! It was an amazing experience regardless, and that's a frakking understatement. I did the absolute best I can--we ALL did--and now it's the audiences who run things. If they like it, I'll be walking on clouds. If they don't--well, not much we can do about that, hmmm? You can't control how people feel, lol.

I had a truly amazing time and met some incredible people and, most importantly, formed some new friendships. I love my cast so, so, so, SO MUCH. You have NO IDEA. If you met these people and didn't like them, there'd be something wrong with you. Seriously, they're THAT wonderful. :) I would rip out my organs with my own hands and give them to anyone in my cast if they needed 'em. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. :)

Oh, and after the show, we all went out together and GOT TOTALLY PLASTERED. OMG IT WAS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN. I've still feeling it--HANGOVER, BITCHES!

Photos of these super-lovable people coming very, very shortly! (I know I always say that but I mean it this time!)


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:27 pm
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Just updating to say---the show went MUCH better today! MUCH! The audience actually LAUGHED @ the jokes. Wow, imagine that. :P
Our audience was wayyyy younger today--mostly people in their 20s. So it was like I thought. Ya gotta get the target audience at your show! Easier said than done, but there ya go.
I'm quite relieved. :)

Also, I have my period for Fringe. WOOP-DEE-DOO.


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