May. 21st, 2009

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Right now I'm in a ridiculous amount of pain (CRAMPS) and not sure what to do with myself, thank the gods I don't have to teach or anything today, no responsibilities at all except to work on the website for our show and work on some other advertising. I don't have to leave my computer for that, yay!
I WAS gonna go out and enjoy the day, but luckily that's not something I NEED to do. So, for the moment, I ain't gonna budge from here. :/

Yesterday I had my first subbing job! I took over for my She told me that once I was done with school she'd let me sub for her, and voila. It was just the afternoon though, but on June 8th I'll be subbing for her the whole day. Yay money! Though I won't be seeing it for awhile...soooo much paperwork still left to do. I would work on that today except I have to print up more things and that involves going to Concordia, so...bleh. I'll see if I feel any better later.

I reeeeaaaaaally want to see Star Trek again. Also, Watchman is playing at the Dollar Cinema this week and I HAVE to see it, I've still never seen that movie and I hear lots of good things about it.
And at some point, I still gotta see Wolverine...ahhh!
Also, there's this REALLY awesome-looking movie coming out 1-2-3. I forget the title, but the number 123 is in it. Anyway, it's a good old-fashioned supsense-actiony film with John Travolta and Denzel Washington, TOTALLY in the vein of all those 90s suspense films I couldn't get enough of when I was a teenybopper back in the 90s. Apparently it's a remake of a 70s movie, but it totally makes me think of those 90s Jerry Bruckheimer flicks my sister and I would go to the theater every month to see. YES YES REVIVE THAT GENRE YEAH YEAH YEAHHHHHH!!!! *happy*


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