May. 8th, 2009

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Holy crap, is this for real?!?!?
No really, how can it be? If it were April 1st, it would make sense. Alas, it is not April 1st. I can't help but hope it's a joke anyway!

I've been at my computer all day, working and rushing to finish a bunch of various things for Fringe, most notably the press release and press kit. :D It's very exciting and fun and educational but also super-stressful! I finally finish school and with barely a moment's breath of rest, I dive right into working full-time on the show. I can't help it, I have no other choice.

The sad thing is, I have NO MONEY now. Living off my parents' donations while having no income whatsoever for 4 months has finally taken its toll. I have $86 to my name and have to find a way to pay my rent in three weeks. Holy crap. I can't do ANYTHING. I haven't been going out at all anyway (except for a well-deserved and long-awaited pitcher of beer with the ever-charming [ profile] rilms the other day), but now I REALLY have got to watch my spending even more closely. BUT, the only thing I *ever* spend money on is food, so WTF.
Mike has been paying for just about EVERYTHING for our show, so that kinda sucks. Makes me feel inadequate. But what can ya do...:(
Anwyay, I've had to cancel pretty much ALL and ANY plans I've had for May, at least until I can find a subbing job and/or get my tax refund. But all the 'bigger' things I wanted to do are now completely out of the question--graduation dinner with the TESL students? No way. Seeing Mike's show a second time (I had free comps last night)? Not a chance. Finally seeing the Becket show? Forget it.
This honestly SUCKS. I won't be poor for long, and this time next year I'll be making a nice salary and paying off my student loan and the rest of my debt. Until then, it's kraft dinner everynight and DVDs and video games for entertainment.
I still hope I can manage to scramble together enough quarters and loonies to get a beer with [ profile] v0idnull tonight....we'll see!

Until then, no one bother to invite me to anything that costs more than $5, 'cause I'll have to say no. ;_;

Anyway, in all honesty? I'm 28, not 21. I'm stop whining about childish things and get back to work on my press release! Wish me luck. :)

I hope to see you all soon. For FREE things, though! ;)


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