Apr. 22nd, 2009

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Oh man! This flu just won't go away. It's been a week and a half now. Whaaaaaaat. It intensifies, gets better, then comes back. As someone who is used to having 24-hour colds (or flus), WTF? I'm not used to this. Not to mention that between my internship and rehearsals and putting the press kit together, I simply don't have time to be sick! :/ The good thing is, now I'm getting used to working my ass off while feeling so ill. Working while feeling fine is going to seem so weird and foreign and GOOD when it finally happens! :P
I hope I can make it to [livejournal.com profile] rilms' coming-home party on Friday!

I've been getting into piano again. Slooowly easing my way back into that. Slowly but surely. I just figured out how to play the theme from Lost! It's played on piano anyway, so it makes me so giddy that it sounds EXACTLY like it! Yeah, it's so easy and simple a 4-year-old could probably figure out how to play it in 10 minutes, but whatevs. It's fun! :P
I'm also working on "Violence and Variations" from the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack (or as I call it, Baltar and Six's theme), which is not easy but very fun to figure out, and I'm also working on an old retrotastically awesome and fun Russian pop song that Mike introduced to me via his play at Concordia last year. Good times. I love me my piano! <333

OH! I had my first observation today--meaning, my supervisor from Concordia came in today to observe me teaching and mark me. And it went SO WELL. My awesome supervisor e-mailed me my mark as soon as she got home. B+! YAAAYYY!!! I am sooooo happy.
(Did I mention my CT marked me last week? Gave me an A-. QUITE the change from what was going on at my last internship, eh? ^_~)
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...I'm not fed up of hearing about Susan Boyle, but I am COMPLETELY fed up of hearing about how she's "frumpy" and "dowdy" and "hairy". A TALENTED SINGER WHO DOESN'T FIT POP CULTURE'S IDEALS OF WHAT'S SEXY?!?!? OH NO!!!! MAY THE GODS HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!!!!

*rolls eyes*
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