Mar. 1st, 2009

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Oh, how could I forget!
One really NICE thing that happened on the way home from my almost bawwww-breakdown last night: two rather cute and nicely-dressed girls, who were about 18 or 19 or so, sitting across from me on the metro started making out. I'm gonna be PC and say that it was.....nice. It may not have been enough to cheer me up completely, but it was enough to make me smile, blush, and look away shyly....and then try and glance back nonchalantly for another peek. :P
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Omg! I am so embarassed about my ranting post. I mean, maybe not embarassed, but something like that...I wrote that because I was feeling miserable when I woke up and I just wanted to get shit off my chest and because I felt like crying, so I wanted to write. Because writing makes me feel better. I didn't expect comments, I wasn't looking for comments--I just wanted to rant, and I was very (pleasantly) surprised to get all the MSN messages, e-mails, and phone calls from everyone, checking to see if I was OK. You guys are all AWESOME. Omg. :)
I'm OK, I'll be fine, I'm sad but I'll live. Feelings are hurt but I have lots of terrific distractions--my 15 or so movies I've accquired in the past few weeks; lots of good music I've gotten hold of; the play to work on and auditions starting tomorrow (!); Mike and his awesomeness, annnnnd YOU GUYS and your fun times and YOUR awesomeness. I have such amazing friends. ;_; Thank you so much!

As they say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and I'm gonna turn into a strong, bitter old lady, methinks. lol ;)

Thank you guys, again! So much! You're all awesome. I really, really, really wasn't looking for sympathy; I only wrote that to get it off my chest. I'll be OK. I'll thank you all individually tomorrow. :) For now I'm gonna get into my PJs and get some rest...we'll chat tomorrow.

Thank you again!

~*HUGS* to everyone ^_^~


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