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Home sick with the flu today, yay for not going into work. I have mixed feelings about the job. More about that in a f-locked post though!

Anyway, the major news for me today is I spent the day watching the rest of Sailor Moon. "The rest" as in, the final episodes. I have been meaning to get around to this for YEARS now. (Also, I calculated...I first starting watching the show SEVENTEEN years ago; how the hell is that even possible?!??!) Anyway, I freaked the hell out all over Facebook about the ending. I'm a little bit calmer now, but STILL. After all this time...ahhhhhhh! I can't believe I saw the end. And what an ending it was! THIS is a proper ending to a long-running series (hear that, writers of Lost and BSG? lol), with absolutely everything wrapped up amazingly and wonderfully and OMG, what a show! I love the characters all so much, I don't have the words...

Anyway, the ending made me feel sad and happy at the same time. At least when Lost and BSG finished, I was with a bunch of other people. I was alone with Sailor Moon! Hence the FB freakout, lol. At least I'm a bit calmer now. But sweating and dizzy, because yay flu. And speaking of the flu, OMG the dreams I had last night/this morning. OMFG. Fevers make your brain come up with the CRAZIEST SHIT EVER. I gotta write it down cuz, ahhhhhh! What the hell was that awful nightmare-ish adventure I took in my head whilst sleeping, I don't even....


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