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Yup, this week has definitely been full of ups and downs, goods and bads. I've been feeling like shit because my body is getting all pissy-bitch on me. I won't even get into that now, but amongst other things, my period is now 5 days late (and no, I'm NOT pregnant). Nonetheless, I've been in pain and feel like I have it anyway. I won't even get into everything that's wrong with that, but yeah, I'm sure most of that it pretty obvious.

Some random idiot grabbed my ass in broad daylight whilst I was walking around Old Montreal yesterday. He rubbed up against me and then hurried away. I was stunned and not sure how to react. I ended up following him and his girlfriend for about 5 blocks or so, taking photos with my phone. I plan on uploading them to Facebook to shame this perverted fucker. That's about the extent of my ability to do anything, I guess.
Oh, and that incident lead to a whole mess of OCD afterward. Yeah, how fantastic is that?
I hope that prick gets really sick in public or something like that. Grrr.

I went wedding dress shopping, finally. And I got one. :) It's very Grecian, which makes sense since I'm Greek, and I don't have anything else at the wedding that'll illustrate my ~AWESOME GREEKNESS~ (lol what does that even mean), except there's gonna be some Greek songs and Greek dancing but yeah other than that....anyway, my dress should be coming in around August or so (cutting it fucking close over here!) and when I go in to get it/try it on/make alterations for weight that better have been lost by then, the awesome people who work at the store will be letting me try on their tiaras and then I'll buy one to match my dress. :)

Mike and I ordered our wedding bands today. <3 <3 <3

If one more person tells me I should watch this fucking KONY 2012 video and/or dares to calls themselves an activist for watching a fracking video and passing it on, I am going to (fantasize about how much I wish I could) punch them in the face.

[ profile] shadaloo will be over in a couple of hours and we're going to watch DVDs and drink. Drink drink drink. I need to drink away the cramps of a period that doesn't exist, mwahaha. In fact, I already started drinking. Have a glass of wine right here. YAY!

As per usual, there's so much more, but I'm too damn lazy to be bothered to type it all out.
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