Jan. 24th, 2012

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I can't write this on Facebook or else it'll probably start some kind of fight, but all of the sudden there's been this huge outbreak of anti-meat and anti-fur messages being posted, which means tons of pictures of suffering or dead animals all over my feed! AHHH I HATE THIS, WTF. I refuse to engage in this with a 100-foot pole, but choosing not to eat meat/wear fur is a personal choice and when you start shoving said personal choice down other people's throats, that's when you become an asshole. And posting pictures of dead animals? Are you fucking serious? Disgusting, I don't need to see that. And guess what, all the dead animal pics in the world isn't going to turn me vegan, so there's no point. Except that it makes me depressed. So basically, it's a lose/lose situation.


I just really needed to get that off my chest. o_O

ETA: No offense to any of my vegetarian friends, of course! As I've mentioned on my LJ before, I used to be a vegetarian (and was honestly much happier that way as I felt so much healthier/had more energy/etc) but I always felt that MILITANT vegetarians gave me a bad name. >:(
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I had an AWESOME day yesterday! Mike had the day off so we went around town, running wedding errands. We have some ideas for the weddings bands we're going to get, annnnd we saw an awesome travel agent at Cours Mount-Royal who gave us a LOT of tips to help us plan our honeymoon. Afterward, we ate supper at Dunn's (by FAR one of my favourite restaurants in all of Montreal, omg I was so excited to go!) and then went to Foonzo's where we drank and played Checkers, hahaha.

Omg, Foonzo's. It was both our first time there. Tali told us about this awesome little gem--> a tiny basement cafe (that also serves booze!) that is filled with video games, board games, AND card games you can play to your heart's conent. I LOVE IT. Guess where I'm going to celebrate my birthday this year? ;) Well, there AND Nuit Blanche. I'm doing the 2-night thing yet AGAIN. It's just more fun that way. :P

After Foonzo we met up with Paul and walked back our apartment, where we proceeded to show him the first episode of Breaking Bad. Both Mike and I were sooo excited to watch it again, and now it looks like Paul may be hooked, too! He wants to come over next week to watch the next episode, mwahahaha YES! I hope he follows up on that as now I'm totally ready to rewatch the entire series all over again right frackin' now. XD

Now I'm sipping on some beer and waiting for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] shadaloo to get here so we can order pizza and get our Monty Python on. Except now I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning as I have another subbing job...this time it's one that'll last ALL day. o_O (Usually I only sub half-days). And it's all the way in Cote St.Luc! Oi. -_-;; Anyway, we'll see how that goes. I have yard duty to do too, UGH. I'm gonna be so tired!

Oh wells. For now, fun times! ^_^


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