Jan. 6th, 2012

Not funny

Jan. 6th, 2012 05:00 pm
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I wrote about this on Facebook but I'm writing about it here too because it's really something that's been bothering me.

I see it so often, on both LJ and Facebook...people who take photos of strangers who THEY think are dressed 'badly' or 'strangely' and then post them on the internet. What the everloving fuck? How can anyone think it's OK to do that?

I'm trying to get into the heads of people who do these things, to try and figure out WHY they would do such a thing. My best guess it that they don't think of the implications of what they're doing, or don't think of the stranger as being an actual person. I think that's OK, as long as they don't do it anymore. There's a BIG difference between "oh shit, I didn't realize what I was doing was such a horrid thing to do...I won't do it anymore!" versus "lol oh well, too bad for them, I'm gonna do it all I want because I can!"

Magazines and websites do it too, of course, and even I can admit some of those websites are fucking entertaining as HELL. But in all honesty, I don't think they should exist. I could NEVER take & submit a photo to a site like that...I would literally go insane from the guilt and shame afterwards. I don't understand how some other people don't! No guilt, no shame...it's disgusting.

Anyway, magazines and websites are a whole other subject all together. I'm talking about people who post this shit to their personal journals and Facebooks, thinking that makes it's OK somehow...I just...I just don't get it! I've done my share of being a bitch, but even *I* would never sink THAT low.


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